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C.I.O.D. DR 18 and DR 25 Gasketed Pressure fittings are thermoformed, glued and fiberglass reinforced. This eliminates the threat of rust or corrosion, providing better flow and cleaner water quality. C900 pressure fittings can be used in both higher pressure water systems and low pressure sewer force main systems.

Plastic Trends offers a standard bell OD to facilitate joint restraint installation, while allowing all fittings to have fiberglass reinforced plastic where required. Bends of 45 degrees or less are manufactured of one-piece construction. This provides a lightweight, compact fitting, which can be easily handled in the field.

Plastic Trends C900 fittings are designed to be used with engineered joint restraints or concrete thrust blocking. C900 fittings are a tough alternative to cast iron fittings but C900 has the benefit of being resistant to corrosion.

Plastic Trends PVC Pressure Fittings



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